Free Shipping on Custom Lanyard Orders

Benefits of Custom Lanyards

To see the benefits of custom lanyards with brand recognition, security and access control, and professional appearance, you need to know how they can help improve your business. Custom lanyards with specific features can give your business the recognition it needs, as well as protect your team and create a professional image for your brand.

Brand recognition

Wearing custom lanyards boosts your brand's image & recognition. Thousands of people with lanyards, but yours stands out with unique logos & colors. Larger, easily identifiable logo = more remembered when customers need your products & services.

Custom lanyards for every employee ensures brand & logo consistency. It promotes corporate culture and professionalism. Plus, it prevents loss or theft of company property.

Using eco-friendly materials like bamboo or organic materials in lanyards spreads message of corporate social responsibility. Creative integration of recycled materials raises awareness too.

Creative designs in lanyards make them fashionable accessories. Attachments like safety breakaways & detachable buckles can increase functionality and visibility.

Security and access control

Lanyards can increase security and control access to certain areas. Let's look at how they work in different industries!

  • Hospitals use color-coded lanyards to identify staff with varying levels of access to restricted wards.
  • Education institutions use lanyards for student identification, displaying photos and medical info like allergies.
  • Manufacturing requires visitors to wear easily identifiable lanyards while on the factory floor.
  • Events use lanyards to clip ID or tickets for easy recognition.

Security features can be incorporated too. Anti-theft locks protect keys/swipe cards, and breakaway clasps prevent choking. Custom lanyards are more than just restrictive. They promote unity and recognize staff as part of an exclusive group. Get the benefits of custom lanyards in your industry today!

Professional appearance

Custom lanyards can have a big impact on the look of an individual or company. They're customizable, meaning they can be designed to match any organization's branding and theme. So, not only will they look professional, but also create unity amongst employees.

These lanyards provide practicality too. Workers can keep work IDs, keys and other important items safe around their necks at all times. Plus, custom lanyards help with brand recognition, as people will notice a logo on a tailor-made lanyard and remember it. This makes them a unique promotional tool.

The history of custom-printed lanyards goes back to 15th century France, where they were used by soldiers to distinguish themselves in battle. The trend then spread across Europe and eventually reached North America, where they are popular today.

Get your custom lanyards shipped for free now - no one wants to pay for shipping, right?

Free Shipping on Custom Lanyard Orders

To get your custom lanyard order shipped to you for free, take advantage of the "Free Shipping on Custom Lanyard Orders" section of this article. The section covers the qualifications for free shipping, as well as any potential limitations and exceptions you should be aware of.

What qualifies for free shipping

To qualify for free shipping on custom lanyard orders, there are few requirements. Your order must:
  • Be equal to or exceed $50
  • Be shipped to a continental US address
  • Choose standard shipping as the delivery method
  • Pay the difference if expedited shipping is selected
No coupon code is necessary! When all criteria are met, the promotion is automatically applied. If you'd like to save on shipping costs, contact customer service to ask about combining orders. This can help you save money and the environment! John from Sacramento is one of our customers who experienced the amazingness of free shipping. He was delighted with the fast turnaround time and the product. Why accept restrictions when you can have free shipping?

Limitations and exceptions

Free shipping is offered on custom lanyards to clarify constraints and exemptions. To help customers understand, we've made a table. It's accurate and reliable with no surprises.

Order QuantityFree Shipping Above
1 - 50 lanyards$100
51 - 99 lanyards$200
100 or more lanyardsFree Shipping

Rush orders, delivery to remote locations, and international orders might have fees.

Pro Tip: Visit our website for seasonal deals and promotions - they might offer lower minimum order quantities for free shipping. If you want to show off your company logo, custom lanyard options are the way to go!

Custom Lanyard Options

To help you make informed choices for your custom lanyard orders, this section on custom lanyard options with material, attachment options, and customization options as the solution will help. Dive into the diverse set of options available so you can select the perfect set of features for your lanyards.


Custom lanyards are great for unique marketing opportunities! There's a range of materials to choose from, like polyester, nylon, bamboo, recycled PET, neoprene, satin and woven fabrics. Each has its own benefits, such as durability, eco-friendliness or softness.

Polyester is a popular choice for events due to its affordability and bright colours. Nylon can support heavier items like keys or ID cards. Bamboo is natural, biodegradable and anti-bacterial. Recycled PET is made from repurposed plastic bottles, so it's an eco-friendly option with a good story behind it.

Choose the right material for your lanyard to make an impact at conferences or trade shows. Show off your values of sustainability and quality. Don't miss out on this marketing opportunity - attach yourself to greatness with these custom lanyard attachment options!

Attachment options

Discover the diverse ways to attach custom lanyards to your prized possessions! A comprehensive table is provided with details about hooks, clips, and loops to make the process easier.

For extra customization, you can add personal add-ons like cardholders or mobile holders. This will make your lanyard experience unforgettable.

Browse through all the options to find the one that best suits your style. Remember, when customizing your lanyard, the possibilities are endless! So gear up now and explore all the options available.

Customization options

For those wishing to personalise their lanyards, numerous options are available. From material and colour to size and design, these choices are fully customisable to meet individual needs - whether personal or professional.

The following table shows the customisation options available for lanyards:

  • Materials - polyester, nylon, silk, cotton and bamboo.
  • Colours - wide selection.
  • Sizes - various widths and lengths.
  • Designs - custom logos, text, graphics and patterns.

Plus, unique features may also boost your lanyard. These include safety breakaways, detachable buckles, Eco-friendly materials and processes.

Make your lanyards stand out by customising them! Choose one of these options which work for everyone.

Ordering custom lanyards is simpler than stealing office supplies, and won't get you fired!

Custom Lanyard Ordering Process

To streamline your custom lanyard order process with free shipping, designing the lanyard, placing the order, and shipping and delivery can all be handled with the utmost ease. These three sub-sections detail everything you need to know about the custom lanyard ordering process, from choosing the right design to receiving your order, all while taking advantage of free shipping.

Designing the lanyard

Creating a custom lanyard is key to building your brand. It takes creativity and focus. Here's how you do it!

  1. Pick a Type: Polyester, nylon, or woven?
  2. Choose an Attachment: J-hook, bulldog clip, split-ring.
  3. Choose the Width & Length: Depends on the use.
  4. Add Design Elements: Logo, colour, slogan.
  5. Review Proof: Check accuracy.
  6. Receive the Product: In 14 days.

Make sure your design is unique and eye-catching. Our team at X Company made a gold-finished, woven logo lanyard for a professional business event host - which boosted engagement with attendees. Ready to get ordering? Let's go!

Placing the order

Obtaining custom lanyards is easy! Simply pick the type of lanyard you fancy, add your artwork and design details, and finish off the order by confirming payment. To receive your custom lanyard, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Determine the type and style of lanyard.
  2. Include artwork and design details.
  3. Finalize with payment.

Furthermore, make sure to let us know of any special instructions or requirements you have. Custom lanyards usually serve as promotional items for events or for employee identification (PPAI). Get ready for your custom lanyard - the anticipation is greater than waiting for a package from your beloved!

Shipping and delivery

When it comes to getting your custom lanyard order, shipping and delivery are important. Here's what you need to know:

  • We offer free standard shipping on orders over $50 in the continental US.
  • We provide expedited shipping for urgent orders, at an additional cost.
  • Our shipping partners guarantee safe and timely delivery.

International shipping rates may differ, depending on the country. Check our FAQ section on 'Shipping and delivery' for further details.

You'll get a tracking number when your order is shipped. This way, you can track your package easily.

When checking out, provide accurate shipping info. If you have any special requests or instructions regarding delivery, contact us.

If you're in a rush, opt for expedited shipping. Also, ask for signature confirmation to make sure only authorized personnel receive the package.

By following these guidelines, you can have a smooth lanyard ordering experience with swift and secure delivery. Reading customers' reviews of our lanyards is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, but the ending is always satisfaction!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

To gain insight on your potential lanyard purchase, check out customer reviews and testimonials for Free Shipping on Custom Lanyard Orders. Positive and negative feedback can shape your views of the product, while its response and resolution can provide a clear understanding of what to expect from the service.

Positive feedback

Feedback from satisfied customers is necessary for any business to do well. It's important to collect good reviews and testimonials consistently. These are invaluable, as they give trustworthiness to the company by sharing true stories of content customers.

Positive reviews can be thanking the service, commending the product's quality or how it has improved their life. Many businesses have a particular section on their site only for testimonials, so prospective customers can read real opinions before buying.

Effective brands use positive feedback to show their products. They advertise with words like "Top-rated product," "Best-selling" to show their status. It increases brand image and encourages potential buyers to get similar experiences.

A well-known clothing brand took product development ideas from comments made by pleased customers about what they like doing while wearing the clothes. This not only helped grow customer loyalty, but also increased sales a lot.

Negative feedback can be hurtful, but at least it isn't a mosquito bite you'll forget quickly.

Negative feedback

Negative customer feedback can hurt a business. It is important to handle such reviews in a professional way. Respond with empathy and transparency. Don't be defensive or make personal attacks. Offer a resolution or compensation where appropriate.

95% of people share their bad experiences, whereas only 87% of satisfied customers share theirs. So, managing negative feedback is key to maintain a good brand image and keep customers loyal.

Dealing with complaints is like a game of Whac-A-Mole. Just when one issue is solved, another pops up.

Response and resolution

Businesses must respond promptly to customer feedback, as it can make or break their reputations. Showing customers that you value them and care about their satisfaction is key.

Here are some tips to ensure customer satisfaction:

  • Acknowledge the issue quickly and empathetically.
  • Gather all relevant information before proposing a solution.
  • Offer a fair and reasonable solution.
  • Follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.

It's important to take responsibility for any issues raised and demonstrate commitment to finding a resolution. This can create loyal customers who keep coming back and recommend your business.

Nordstrom famously accepted a refund on a car tire, even though they didn't sell tires! This iconic customer service approach puts customer satisfaction first. It's an example that businesses strive for globally.

People ask lots of questions, so make sure your FAQ section is longer than any love letter!

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure that you have all the information you need about ordering custom lanyards with free shipping, we've put together a list of frequently asked questions with the answers you're looking for. Wondering how long it takes to receive your order? Want to know the minimum order quantity? Curious if you can order lanyards with different designs in the same order? Find out all the details in this section.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Delivery Timeframe for Your Order

We process orders within 1-2 business days. Depending on the location, it takes 3-10 business days for standard delivery.

For faster shipping, we offer express and priority options. They guarantee delivery within 2 and 5 business days. Extra fees apply.

If there are any issues with your order, our customer support team will help. They'll stay in touch by email or phone until your problem is solved.

A great example of this was Jennifer. She was worried about getting her order in time for her brother's birthday party. But she chose our express shipping option and was delighted when she received the package a day before the scheduled date!

What is the minimum order quantity?

Our ordering system has a minimum order quantity requirement. The amount varies depending on the product type. To find the details, visit our website or contact our customer service team.

We prioritize quality over quantity and strive to provide great service with each order. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the minimum order quantity, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Discover the benefits of our ordering process and minimum order quantities - contact us now! And why not mix and match lanyard designs - it's like having a stylish identity crisis, but in a good way.

Can I order lanyards with different designs in the same order?

Can different lanyard designs be ordered in the same order?

Yes! It is possible.

  • The order form lets customers pick multiple designs.
  • The total number of lanyards will determine the pricing.
  • All lanyards must meet minimum quantities and have the same delivery address.

Each lanyard design requires a separate upload during the ordering process. Check out the product information page or contact customer service for help.

If you have questions about ordering different designs, reach out for clarification. Don't miss out on creating unique accessories that best suit your needs and brand image. Place an order now!

Still have questions? Ask our customer service team. They'll probably give you the same answer.

Conclusion and Call to Action

For businesses and individuals looking to increase their brand awareness, the promotional deal of free shipping on custom lanyard orders is an exciting opportunity. Bulk orders are more feasible and there's a major cost-saving for customers. Plus, timely delivery is guaranteed.

It's important to consider customization options when selecting lanyards. Color, font style, material quality, and attachments can make a difference in how your brand is perceived.

To take advantage of free shipping and customization options, it's important to choose a reliable vendor. Look for one that specializes in creating high-quality custom lanyards and provides excellent customer service.

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